"I'm definitely impressed with the quality.  Love the finish, grain, and overall smoothness of the neck.  And I love the neck pickup too.  I really like that it's a different feel from all my other guitars."

Brian - New Jersey

"I love it man.  So bright and yet so warm.  I love the thinner body cut and the neck feels great!  The pickups can get really chunky but you can still pick everything out.  Well done with these beautiful guitars - you have a fan in me!" 

Sean - Los Angeles

"Excellent, personalized friendly service from nice people. That's appreciated. What a guitar. Absolute beautiful design from the custom art to the abalone inlays and the stunning blue-burst color. The look and feel is very "custom." Plays beautifully - has many of the same sound qualities of my Les Paul Custom without being so heavy/cumbersome. I own 4 high-end guitars, but I think I'll end up playing this most because of the combination of good looks, versatility and humbucker crunch."

Andrew - Los Angeles

Every wood has a grain.

Every grain tells a story.

Every story begins with an idea

Our Idea is simple.